Saturday, June 03, 2006

The BBC's plan for cyberspace domination

David Rowan thinks that the BBC is losing its way with its "Creative Future" plan:

In its exemplary drive to innovate and meet new audience demands in this barely begun digital revolution, the corporation is in danger of forgetting its core mission: to produce programming that must “inform, educate and entertain”. Nowhere did the original charter suggest that Auntie should build empires such as those now envisaged for their own sakes. There is little evidence of consumer dissatisfaction with existing web search sites and media portals such as Google, AOL and Yahoo!, so the BBC would not be filling a particular market gap by starting another. Nor, with plenty of businesses already offering homes for citizens’ own creativity — from YouTube to Flickr for video and photographs — is it clear why a publicly funded competitor needs to come along and paddle other innovators’ canoes.

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