Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Call off the ministerial dogs

The Guardian is not impressed by ministerial attacks on prison sentences:

This campaign has got little to do with reforming the criminal-justice system. It is about Labour, sliding in the polls and alarmed by its own mortality, desperately attempting to jump on a bandwagon and willing to trash important principles in order to do so. We have a perfectly good system for reviewing the few rogue sentences that the system generates, vigorously managed by the attorney general, Lord Goldsmith. It should be left in place. The current hysteria does little to protect the public and much to destroy public confidence in the criminal-justice system. It substitutes the rule of the lynch mob for the rule of law. It is time for the government to call off the dogs.

How embarrassing that a government full of lawyers has such contempt for the rule of law.

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Owen Blacker said...

It's yet another reason I don't want to bring a child up in the UK. I no longer have confidence that this is a safe country in which to raise my offspring.

I'm open to suggestions for other locations (the local language being English or, at a push, French is my main constraint). Montréal is looking like the most likely bet so far.