Thursday, June 22, 2006

Children's Commissioner denounces "Megan's law" proposals

Prof. Sir Al Aynsley-GreenThe Children's Commissioner is trying to introduce those pesky things, facts, into the hysterical tabloid campaign for convicted sex offenders to be "named and shamed":

"Introducing a version of 'Megan's law' in the UK would do nothing to help parents keep their children safe from sex offenders. In fact, it could increase the risk of sexual abuse from strangers as offenders could be forced 'underground' after being released into the community, making it more difficult for authorities to monitor them. And it could encourage vigilante activity within communities.

"We are concerned that a version of Megan's law could detract from the fact that children are most at risk from people known to them. We would prefer to see more efforts directed in this area with further emphasis on early therapeutic treatment for the victims of sexual abuse."

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John East said...

He makes a couple of points that caused me to raise my eyebrows.
Firstly, Megan's Law would make it more difficult for the authorities to monitor paedophiles. Supervision in the community for this and other crimes is comparable with care in the community. They are both cynical policies to save money. In practice, how can the authorities monitor anyone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It's impossible.

The second point, calling for more rapid therapeutic intervention to help victims sounds more like throwing in the towel than doing something positive to stop paedophiles.