Monday, June 05, 2006

DRM report launched by parliamentary group

Rachel WhetstoneI spent this morning at the launch of the All-Party Parliamentary Internet Group's report on Digital Rights Management. They make several sensible recommendations, but could have gone a lot further, as Open Rights Group explains.

What struck me most about the meeting was the entirely different world that IP lobbyists inhabit. They spent a considerable amount of time attacking Google Europe's director of communications and public affairs over Google Print, for the reason that Google quite outrageously has to scan a whole copy of a book to make that book searchable. (This was after they sang the praises of Google's Web index).

You have to wonder if they have the first clue about the public policy aims behind copyright law, or how technology actually works. You especially have to wonder if they realise quite what a powerful enemy they are making in Rachel Whetstone.

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