Thursday, June 01, 2006

I am against this sort of thing

Father Ted: Down with this sort of thing
The Guardian has a great short piece on Harry Willcock, the Yorkshireman who refused a police request for "Papieren Bitte" when stopped for speeding, after the ending of the second world war had removed the need for ID cards:

Harry Willcock, a Liberal from Leeds, was as furious about that as campaigners are over New Labour's ID card plans. As the YP reported: "On December 7 1950 Willcock was stopped for speeding in London and asked by to show his identity card. Willcock refused and said: 'I am a Liberal, and I am against this sort of thing'."

(What a great protest banner that would make when held high in a great demo in Trafalgar Square: "I am against this sort of thing.")

UPDATE: Thanks to Toby for the illustration!

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