Monday, June 19, 2006

Marauding judges fight back

Marauding judgesThe judges are staging a fightback that is making John Reid's pronouncements on "soft sentencing" look increasingly foolish. It is now widely realised that the 5-year minimum tariff applicable to a paedophile's life sentence was a result of the government's own sentencing reforms. The Lord Chancellor and Attorney-General have both criticised Reid's ravings. And now the Lord Chief Justice has written to all 600 circuit judges to reassure them that the tabloids' ill-informed rantings are having the opposite effect intended:

It is quite legitimate for the media and commentators to criticise any particular sentence and the judiciary recognise and accept that. But they are entitled to expect such criticism to be accurate and objective. Personal and unmerited attacks on the characters of individual judges can only damage the public’s understanding of, and confidence in, the criminal justice system as a whole. We will continue to do what we can to counter such unfair and damaging criticism.

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