Thursday, July 13, 2006

Jolly Bagman shocked by arrest

Lord LevyLord Levy, Tony Blair´s chief fundraiser, was shocked yesterday to be arrested by the police for questioning over the cash for coronets scandal. His spokesman said:

"Lord Levy has made it clear that he is ready at all times to co-operate with the police investigation. He therefore complied with a request to attend today at a police station where the police used their arrest powers, totally unnecessarily, apparently in order to gain access to documents that Lord Levy would quite willingly have provided without this device."

According to Levy´s tennis partner, the little people who have nothing to hide have nothing to fear from New Labour´s draconian legislation. But once the establishment gets involved, it is "totally unneccessary" for the police to arrest and take DNA swabs from suspects even when serious corruption charges are involved.

Perhaps his Lordship might think more carefully before voting for such powers in future? (That is, unless he is stripped of his peerage in disgrace).

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