Sunday, July 02, 2006

Now, it's even considered seditious to read my article

DAvid CameronHenry Porter sees some hope that the Tories are at last addressing the freedom agenda in the UK:

There are very complex issues surrounding the protection of the public against terrorists. The government does have a responsibility but that is not met by simply ignoring the law or introducing laws that remove rights such as carrying a placard. David Cameron got it right in a good speech last week when he said: 'We have seen much legislation that is at the same time authoritarian and ineffective - legislation that fails to protect our security but which, in the process, undermines our civil liberties.' That's the point: so many of the government's laws are simply futile.

He went on to mention Conservative opposition to the government's attempt to criminalise religious hatred, to the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (Ripa), trial without a jury and the 'draconian powers' proposed in the Civil Contingencies Act. At last the opposition is attacking the terrifying and generally unnoticed record of the last nine years.

Meanwhile, John Reid wants to remove the last vestiges of protection for official whistleblowers. And Gordon Brown is threatening 90-day detention without trial as part of his preemptive strike against a Sun campaign against his premiership.

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