Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Two gentlemen of St Petersburg

If Shakespeare (or David Aaronovitch) wrote Bush and Blair's asides

King Giorgio: But sweet Antonio, in what old box in dusty dungeon entombed are those poor creatures that were once held to be my politenesses? You have a gift, not two days since, bestowed upon this your tardy and undeserving friend. A sweater, was it not?

Duke Antonio of England: Of Burberry, coz. This spring the generous lambs first leapt the swards of Oxfordshire that — summer-shorn — rendered up this item of men’s charcoal knitwear.
And the Lady Cherie, with dressers three, made expedition to Harrods Palace,
and there requested a long sleeve, ribb’ed crew neck, striped horizontal all about,
with fully fashioned cuffs and waistband. Doth suit you, sirrah?

Giorgio: Like unto a second skin. Nay better, for the first hath no embroidered G. For Giorgio.

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