Monday, July 17, 2006

US government told to take its hands off Internet

ICANNRespondents to a US government consultation have criticised the continuing US oversight of the Domain Name System, and the organisation (ICANN) that runs the DNS under contract (via A2K):

There was almost unanimous agreement that the area where ICANN had failed most was in realising the "private, bottom-up coordination" aspect of its role. The organisation remains too secretive and does not take into sufficient account the views and wishes of everyday internet users and companies, a very large number of comments pointed out.

Tireless journalist and ICANN investigator Kieren McCarthy is standing for election to the ICANN board, commenting: "ICANN has too often been used as a political football, but its real strength comes from the people that continue to work tirelessly and for little financial reward in order to maintain the culture that made the internet possible in the first place."

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