Sunday, August 13, 2006

It’s time for Bush and Blair to try plan B – the humility option

"The Falklands war was just and the first Gulf war was a rightful resistance to aggression. When land troops were finally sent to respond to a humanitarian disaster in Kosovo this, too, was justified (although technically illegal). There was sense in Blair’s 1999 Chicago speech, despite the neglect of such caveats as feasibility and relevance to national interest. Both the Afghan and Iraqi ventures were ill conceived. They were a rush to arms without thought or planning. Both have led to an appalling toll of death and destruction without bringing the countries stability or security. Their most tragic outcome has been to replace the widespread sympathy for America after 9/11 with a global anti-Americanism. As for Blair’s thesis that these wars have made Britain a safer place, tell that to airline passengers this weekend." —Simon Jenkins

"And if you want to know what you can do to help? Don't be terrorized. They terrorize more of us if they kill some of us, but the dead are beside the point. If we give in to fear, the terrorists achieve their goal even if they were arrested. If we refuse to be terrorized, then they lose -- even if their attacks succeed." —Bruce Schneier

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