Saturday, August 26, 2006

Just say no to Scientology

This band of protestors were outside the "Church" of Scientology's new offices in London's West End this afternoon. Perhaps they were hoping that Cardinal Cruise would drop by now that he is taking some time out from his contract with Paramount?


Anonymous said...

Presumably, the rotund gentleman in the upper right of the picture is the Scientologist assigned to photograph this brave band of activists!

hartley said...

Thanks for the fast blogging - one of our many agents spotted it and posted a link on alt.religion.scientology.

That's me second left. Picketing is fun, saves lives and there's an excellent pub just around the corner.

The cult of Scientology will likely be the first such nasty group to be destroyed by the Internet. For more information just type 'scientology cult' into your Search Engine.

Jens Tingleff said...

All the people in the photo are protesters, I'm third from left. I'll take "gentleman" :-)

Jens Tingleff