Saturday, August 26, 2006

More iSoft woes

Digby JonesSir Digby Jones, former director of the Confederation of British Industry, was a non-executive director of iSoft at the time of the accounting "irregularities" now being investigated by the Financial Services Authority. He claimed in 2004 to have found allegations from the Guardian baseless. And it appears that we have Bill Gates to thank for the whole crazy £20bn scheme.

The Guardian has an apocalyptic warning:

By far the most important priority now is to keep the show on the road. It will not be easy for iSoft's new management to focus on sorting out its daunting problems. The City is baying for better results, the Financial Services Authority is investigating its accounts, the government is trying to prevent further cost overruns - a move that might propel other big contractors into trouble - and doctors have yet to make up their minds whether they want patients to have an opt-out rather than an opt-in for providing personal records. In retrospect, the project was far too ambitious to have been implemented within such a short political timetable. But that is cold comfort now. The urgent priority is to take whatever unpalatable action is necessary to prevent the modernisation of the NHS from being suffocated by its own complexity.

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