Monday, August 21, 2006

'No believable plan' for completion of NHS overhaul

A review of critical software being built as part of the NHS National Programme for IT by iSoft has found serious problems:

The Accenture and CSC review took a different view from that of Mr Whiston, who quit iSoft two months ago. It labelled 13 out of 39 matters relating to Lorenzo "red", meaning they raised issues requiring immediate work.

Among the areas of acute concern was about iSoft's ability to plan and estimate how long the development process would take and its confusing "progress management". Even "clinical safety" was labelled red by the reviewers.

Most seriously, however, the Lorenzo review found "no evidence for the development, nor testing of, technical procedures that would be required for operation and maintenance of the live system ... this is the main risk to the successful delivery of a fit-for-purpose solution."

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ClickRich said...

iSoft are obviously looking very shaky, but why did Accenture and CSC not manage THEIR risk sooner?