Monday, August 21, 2006

Power and the people

President Ahmadinejad
"Ahmadinejad, the articulate champion of Iran's national rights, is a potent figure. But Ahmadinejad, the would-be visionary leader of a resurgent revolution awaiting the coming of the Hidden Imam, is living a dangerous illusion. And it is Iranians, not the US air force, who should be allowed to shatter his dream." —Simon Tisdall

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Anonymous said...

I AM the Hidden IMAN.
I AM the answer. I AM the solution.
I AM the lost connnection between GOD and Man.

I AM no longer hidden.
I AM coming to Jamkaran.
I AM Canadian.
I AM Syrian.
I AM to show you what is illusion and what is Faith and in science.

Dr. a Muntazar
Dr. al Mahdi
Abdul Messiah ????

14 3.16 3.19 hi!

I have many names