Sunday, August 20, 2006

The shady world of blagging

Radio 5 had a good programme this morning on the shady world of "blagging" of personal information by private detectives. It was astonishing to hear a representative of an association of investigators say that this illegal activity is a mainstay of his members' activities. Information Commissioner Richard Thomas and I also took part in the debate, which you can listen to again this week:

Just how safe are our personal details and files? A rape victim tells the Five Live Report of how her attacker - a convicted child rapist - hired a private detective to track her down. The private eye illegally obtained the victim's bank details, telephone and medical records after her evidence led to the rapist's conviction and a nine-year sentence.

Reporter Matthew Chapman examines dozens of cases where so called 'blaggers' put individuals at risk by illegally obtaining personal information for a living; and asks why are they receiving such small fines in the courts despite making, in some cases, over a million pounds a year.


Anonymous said...

Starting at what time? It's a 3 hour program :-(

Ian Brown said...

About an hour in.