Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Terrorists 'can just fly in from abroad to avoid new controls'

Michael O'LearyIt seems that the absurd "security" restrictions in Britain's airports are finally leading to some sensible comments about risk trade-offs, rather than the usual "if it saves one life…" nonsense:

“We need credible, consistent international standards. Passengers will want to know why they are subject to one security regime on the outbound flight but a very different one on the return.” —British Air Travel Association

“What security expert decided that a large briefcase was safe as hand luggage but the normal carry-on wheelie bag isn’t? Surely common sense would suggest that if the safety and security of British citizens is under threat, why has the Government not banned luggage, liquids and gels on the London Underground or on Eurotunnel? We call on the UK Government to return air travel to normal, to eliminate the queues, delays and cancellations at the London airports, which will prove to extremists everywhere that Britain’s airports and airlines will not be disrupted or grounded by their futile attempts to undermine normal life.” —Michael O'Leary, CEO, Ryanair

"Many of the 23 million passengers who change planes at Heathrow would choose to fly via Frankfurt, Paris or Amsterdam to avoid the risk of cancellations and the hand- luggage restrictions." &mdash:JP Morgan

"Now we are told that airlines will require three hour check-in times, with flying conditions comparable to those endured by paratroops on active duty. Airports will punctuate any foreign holiday with purgatory. Only the public's craving for exotic leisure and the government's fiscal indulgence of cheap flights keeps air travel's price/horror ratio in equilibrium." —Simon Jenkins

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