Sunday, September 03, 2006

Burning Dork

Autonomous robot bugI spent today at England's answer to Burning Man: Burning Dork. The UK version was at least 15C cooler and a whole lot wetter than the Nevada desert. It was also (fortunately) lacking naked Santas and cyclists. It did though feature some spectacular veggie food, rustled up for 30 or 40 people by a small group of volunteers that could definitely teach the Army and school canteens a thing or two.

Surrealist robotsThe assembled dorks were busy hacking, soldering or knitting (?!). I just checked out the autonomous robot bugs (above) and the surrealist exhibition of light-sensitive robots which squealed and flailed atop an overhead projector.

I unfortunately missed the evening's headphone music session after deciding it would be more fun to head back to my own bed in London rather than roll out the sleeping bag for the night in a scout camp building.

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