Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Chancellor that got the cream

Gordon Brown
I share Gordon Brown's glee that it now looks like Tony Blair will be gone in months if not weeks.

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Sean Champ said...

It appears that word of it is trickling into the US.

There was a report, aired early this morning, carried by CBS news, mentionong what sounds like an impending political demise for PM Blair. The frankness of the report was distinctly uncommon, as of material carried of a commerical network -- and at that, a kudo to the reporter.

I'm afraid that I did not catch the name of the reporter; she was speaking from somewhere in London, I think -- not as if that might help to determine the reporter's identity, I realize, but so it was.

Then, I chanced onto your 'blog today. It's a coincidence I cannot mistake.

It's in the writing on the cafe napkin, bye-by Mr. Blair.

Speaking tangentailly, speaking as a person perhaps gone jaded on experince with social climates of the US -- or gone apathetic, might it be, on how pointless it may seem, to so much as try to get a thing done, here -- then taking in consideration, the more vibrant climates that I may not take as evident of the UK, and the reasonable qualities evident of citizens to the UK, and generally speaking, there: I would say, y'all have it better than we.

I've not had an opportunity to have observed how the UK has gone under Blair's official seat-filling. All that I have seen of Blair, he's been standing by herr GWB, as beside the executive pulpit.

I've heard of the Downing Street memo, of course. I'm not sure what congressman Conyers or any other company to the Congress might have yet made of headway , on the matter -- towards mens rea about it, or however.

It is only recently that I had found any cause for to put my own attention to any matters of the UK government, as after my attention had coincided to the Open Rights Group. Perhaps I have tried to help them, too much, now -- I'm afraid that I might have overwhelmed subscribers to the ORG discussion list, with a couple of messages, recently. It was not my intention, to have overwhelemed, but traffic seemed to slow after those messages. However they may have taken it, it went not meant as if to overwhelm.

There's Plaid Cymru, anyway -- my openly name-dropping, there, to be sure. Looking at their 2005 manifesto, I have come to think that they do make some remarkably reasonable points; I hope to cordially recommend them to attention.

I have never seen a political party like theirs, in true.

So, maybe I can be an expatriate in spirit, at least.

God Save the People. May PM Blair have a soft landing, as he goes -- and perhaps it would be in fairness: Who would not kowtow to Bush Inc. and the illustrious Dark Side?

"Glory be", Bush Fallwell and all that Texas Tea, and Cheney's mad rifle skillz, then the votes of 1001 people not wanting Gore in chief office -- and Dubyah says God told him to be a fool, I hear. We got it great, yeah.

Hoping there is a nation not as surreal, across the channel -- drifter SC, eighth class.