Thursday, September 21, 2006

Helena Kennedy, Richard Thomas speak at launch of Identity Cards Act guide

Helena Kennedy, Richard ThomasWent along this evening to the OUP launch of their guide to the Identity Cards Act 2006, written by John Wadham, Caoilfhionn Gallagher and Nicole Chrolavicius. Baroness Kennedy QC and the UK Information Commissioner, Richard Thomas, both spoke for 10 minutes.

Baroness Kennedy is an inspirational woman who has fought for freedom and democracy throughout her party's lamentable time in government. She was one of the few Labour peers willing to speak truth to power when the ID cards legislation was being debated in the Lords.

Richard Thomas frequently observes that he can do more good making deals within government than campaigning as an advocate for privacy from without. Unfortunately, he is the only official we have to push back against the powerful voices of the police, spooks and spinners. If he is too busy making deals to preserve the small amount of privacy that New Labour is willing to allow the plebs, we might as well all move somewhere without identity cards right now.

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