Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lord Chancellor supports human rights

Lord FalconerYes, sadly, it is news that in the UK the government supports human rights.

Lord Falconer has launched a campaign to support and explain the Human Rights Act that is one of the top achievements of his government:

"Human rights express our values - our values of democracy, of tolerance, individual freedom, and of the rule of law. Human rights are the means for us all to live our lives, freely: free from prejudice, free from fear and free from terror. When human rights are attacked, then we are all attacked. Those who attack human rights, whether they are our opponents in politics, or our opponents in the media, attack our values, and attack us all. Now is the time to attack the attacks. Now is the time to stand up for our values. Now is the time to stand up for human rights."

Actually, the time would have been when the tabloids and their poodles Blair and Reid were baying for the human rights of minorities a few months ago. But it obviously wasn't politically convenient at that point.

Will Falconer now block other government plans to squash human rights, like imposing a centralised national ID card and database and diluting privacy law?

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