Sunday, September 17, 2006

The ongoing Thatcherite revolution

Mrs. Thatcher"The truth of the matter is that there were two Thatcher revolutions. There was the familiar one which she and her 'sons', Major, Blair and Brown carried forward and which became a beacon to the world. But there was another one, a revolution of power. It was this that was seized by Blair and Brown and used to give government more power and authority over the lives of citizens than ever before in peacetime. It withdrew pluralism from the political system, from parties, parliament and local councils. It introduced a thousand new offences to the statute book, imposed (on one count) 2,000 targets on public officials. and added half a million civil servants to the payroll. Yet at the 2005 election the British people, more than any in Europe, professed themselves dissatisfied with the management of their public services." —Simon Jenkins

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