Sunday, September 03, 2006

Stolen IDs sold on web for £1

The original Trojan HorseThe Sunday Times has discovered the bazaar of personal information available from Russian websites like They obtained a sample of 13 British identities from a range of tens of thousands for as little as £1. The information is being gathered by trojan horse software that captures information straight from people's personal computers.

I wonder if the "identity fraud" scare will finally force IT suppliers to start taking computer security seriously. How can sensitive systems like online banks be accessed from machines that still allow such free rein to malicious code? The work of people like Kim Cameron and the Trusted Computing Group is going to have to bear fruit very quickly indeed to take the first steps towards shutting down this goldmine for criminals.

Instead, many financial institutions seem fixated on dumping risk onto their customers, while software companies are busy trying to help media companies lock their customers into 20th century business models with faulty technology.

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