Wednesday, September 20, 2006

There is no war on terror

Robert DreyfussRobert Dreyfuss has used extensive interviews with counter-terrorism officials in the US to work out why Bush's dismal "war on terror" is so meaningless. His subheads are below: the whole article is well worth reading.

  1. The threat of terrorism is wildly exaggerated.

  2. Al-Qaida barely exists at all as a threat.

  3. There is no Terrorist International.

  4. Iraq will not, and could not, fall to al-Qaida.

  5. The Taliban is not al-Qaida.

  6. Neither Iran nor Syria sponsor anti-U.S. terrorism.

  7. It is not a “war.”

  8. There were never any al-Qaida sleeper cells in the United States.

  9. Vulnerabilities are not threats.

  10. No one is in charge.

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