Sunday, September 03, 2006

True democrats uphold our liberties - not destroy them

"The US and British governments have used the threat of al-Qaeda to extend their powers in areas which have nothing to do with defending their citizens against terrorists. Look at the ID cards legislation, the measures to stop people demonstrating in Parliament Square and those in the Civil Contingencies Act which increase ministers' powers at the expense of Parliament. All these laws were hurried through Parliament by Tony Blair with the vague implication that they were giving the state the tools it needed to fight this unique 21st-century threat, which is baloney…

Freedom and order are inextricably linked. You cannot have freedom without order and good government but, more importantly, you cannot have order and good government without freedom. Freedom is the thing which patrols and constrains government and that is why it is not amenable to compromise and will not suffer such notions as 'preventive interrogation'." —Henry Porter

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