Thursday, September 07, 2006

What is the point of the Broadcasting Treaty?

WIPOWIPO and the US Patent Office are totally out of control on the proposed broadcasting treaty. Why are they continuing to push provisions that the majority of the nations of the world, and many US companies, oppose?

A coalition of high-tech companies, the movie and recording industries, consumer associations and public interest groups has called yet again for the draft treaty to be scrapped (via A2K):

We remain unconvinced that a treaty is necessary at all. We note with concern that treaty proponents have not clearly identified the particular problems that the treaty would ostensibly solve, and we question whether there are in fact significant problems that are not addressed adequately under existing law. Further, we are concerned that the current treaty approach differs radically from U.S. legal traditions, and, if implemented, would require substantial and unnecessary changes to current U.S. law.

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