Monday, October 30, 2006

Camden not involved in e-voting trials

My local councillor Rebecca Hossack has kindly found out the good news that Camden council will not be involved in next year's e-voting trials. Camden's election manager writes:

The body in Camden responsible for looking at electoral matters is the all party Elections and Citizenship Working Party, which meets around four times a year. Its previously expressed view on e voting is that it would want to see real evidence of a solid, fraudproof, reliable, tried and tested system before it would be in favour in Camden. Any scheme in Camden would need to go to the Working Party and then be recommended on to Council through the General Purposes Committee before it could be implemented.

So there are no current plans to introduce e voting in Camden, and the next stage will be for the Government to review the e-voting schemes which are run in May 2007 by participating Councils, and this will be followed up by further pilots in future years.

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