Monday, November 06, 2006

Big labels are f*cked, and DRM is dead

Peter JennerInternational Music Managers' Forum head honcho Peter Jenner thinks that DRM is dead (via ORG):

And that was done by Sony BMG - what the fuck was that [rootkit DRM] about? The other was iTunes - and they've seen how kids don't like it. The unitary payment doesn't suit the technology, it doesn't suit how they're actually using downloads - which is to explore and move around. You don't want to pay a dollar for each track when you want to explore music.

He also thinks that non-commercial use of music should be paid for through a levy on Internet and mobile phone use:

Consumers feel that music delivered online is more like radio than buying a record, and prices need to reflect that. Like radio, music consumption online should feel free. If not, illegal or semi-legal music services will grow exponentially and there will be no income for the creators.”

Of course, Jenner has an agenda as a representative of artists (as opposed to music publishers and record labels). He calls for downloaded music to be treated as a performance rather than a reproduction, for example, because his clients would get a much bigger cut of revenues. Still, interesting to hear these comments from someone that has been at the heart of the music industry for decades.

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