Thursday, November 30, 2006

Blogroll cognitive dissonance

Hilarious to read the pro-e-voting rants of Daniel Gray, and to see that at the same time his "infosec" links consist solely of Bruce Schneier. Schneier is one of the most respected computer security experts on the planet, and a very strong sceptic on electronic voting.

Still, judging by Gray's ill-informed and ad hominem attacks on Jason Kitcat (a UK e-voting expert), perhaps that isn't too surprising.


Daniel Gray said...

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the praise! Quick question, how can you at ORG sanction Jasons comments such as :

"Indeed TV production companies encourage multiple-voting as a way to increase their revenue from each vote cast. For the very enthusiastic fan, software is available on the internet which automates dialing, allowing a single individual to vote hundreds of times."

in a serious discussion of the merits of electronic voting? Surely this type of argument is just as bad as my ill-informed rants no?

And Schneiers comments apply particularly strongly to the US, one of the main arugments (about not being able to unpick transactions due to anonymity) doesn't apply in the UK does it?

Daniel Gray said...

Further correction Ian, just went back over my blog and I'm fairly certain you'll find it was Jason that started with the name calling. See the elitist, paternalistic and arrogant comments... don't think I've yet descended to that level yet. By the way could you give me some examples of what in particular was ill-informed? I thought the majority was fairly well informed myself.