Thursday, December 28, 2006

7 reasons to be cheerful in 2007

Inspired by Terri, here are seven reasons to be cheerful going into 2007:

    David Blunkett
  1. The demise of David Blunkett: The loathsome multi-Big-Brother-award-winning former home secretary appears to have destroyed any hopes of a return to the political fray with his self-pitying and highly-remaindered autobiography.

  2. Only 150 days until the forcible retirement of Tony Blair: Our loathsome war criminal of a prime minister can head off into the sunset to join that select group (like General Pinochet, Henry Kissinger and John Yoo) who need to factor the reach of the International Criminal Court into their travel plans.

  3. The continuing slow death of the ID card scheme: The government has already been forced to scrap plans for a new, "clean" National Identity Register database. Next to go: the card itself?

  4. More rational copyright policy: Andrew Gowers' review of the UK intellectual property framework wowed the reality-based community with its rejection of music industry lobbying for copyright term extension. Will 2007 see other Gowers recommendations such as a new "private copy" right implemented in UK law, decriminalising millions of iPod owners?

  5. A spectacular self-immolation for e-voting: Thanks to doughty campaigners like Rebecca Mercuri and Avi Rubin, the US is turning its back on insecure electronic voting. Hopefully pilots in May elections will be the last we will see of this pointless yet dangerous-to-democracy technology in the UK.

  6. Mass NHS database opt-out gathers pace: Thousands of people are writing to their GPs opting out of a central government health database. The British Medical Association is advising GPs to boycott the scheme if the government tries to bully their patients into uploading records. Will the government be forced to scrap the scheme if 11% of the population opts out, as happened in Iceland?

  7. More personally, I get to visit India, Rio de Janeiro, Machu Picchu and Antarctica, completing my all-continents world tour of the last decade :)

2006 has reinvigorated my faith in politics (with significant victories for ORG, FIPR, Privacy International and No2ID). You can help make 2007 an even better year by supporting all of these fine organisations!

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