Monday, December 04, 2006

Chipping away at freedom

RFID tag"Regardless of the legitimacy of their fears — and the increasing police use of OysterCard records suggest this really isn't a baseless concern — if 70% of the population really do consider that RFID tags will lead to monitoring of their movements then ID cards could turn out to be an even harder sell than imagined. There's something primeval, perhaps, in the fear of being tracked that gets to the gut in a way that popping up on a thousand distant databases doesn't. Maybe we still carry that hardwired instinct to avoid the hunter, back from the days when we were more often prey than predator. Whatever the reason, it's clear that while a narrow majority feel being asked to prove their identity on demand poses no immediate threat, they're not yet willing to be herded and tracked like cattle." —Frank Fisher (via Open Rights Group)

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