Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Coppers should keep their noses out of politics

Longrider has a succinct response to the call by Commander Dave Johnstone for DNA samples to be taken from all UK citizens at birth(via Action on Rights for Children):

It is up to politicians to listen carefully to power hungry coppers on an ego trip; nod earnestly, smile and then tell them to fuck off and get on with policing and keep their noses out of politics. Dodgy Dave may think it appropriate to stimulate debate. In a personal capacity as a citizen that is within his rights. As a serving police officer, this is politics and well outside his remit.

The same goes for calls for 90-day detention without trial by the criminally incompetent head of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Ian Blair.

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Owen Blacker said...

Hear hear.

Yes, senior policemen should advise the government on the measures they think the government should enact to help them with their jobs.

No, that doesn't mean they have carte blanche to demand such changes, nor that politicians should fall over themselves to follow that advice, any more than the government should listen to the BPI's bleatings about the Gowers Review, for example.

Senior policemen are right to make their advice known (though they do it a lot more publicly than I think is appropriate; on Whitehall is better than on the front page of the newspapers!), but the job of politicans is to balance the advice from all sources along with the public good and the common-wealth.