Friday, December 22, 2006

New Windows DRM a disaster for entire PC industry

"In order to work, Vista's content protection must be able to violate the laws of physics, something that's unlikely to happen no matter how much the content industry wishes it were possible. This conundrum is displayed over and over again in the Windows content-protection specs, with manufacturers being given no hard- and-fast guidelines but instead being instructed that they need to display as much dedication as possible to the party line… This is an exceedingly strange way to write technical specifications, but is dictated by the fact that what the spec is trying to achieve is fundamentally impossible." —Peter Gutmann

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Dmitry said...

It would be interesting to see estimation of costs incurred throughout PC, consumer electronics and communications industries. I'm starting to have a feeling that content/media industry is doing damage which is at least comparable to its overall value. And I mean material damage, not just damage to 'abstract' things like free speech and technical progress.