Thursday, December 07, 2006

Open Rights Group praised by the Guardian

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It's nice to see the Open Rights Group (where I'm treasurer) getting some recognition for all of its staff and supporters' hard work on the Gowers review of intellectual property. The Guardian's technology editor Vic Keegan writes in today's paper:

About 15 months ago I went, rather dutifully, to a meeting about digital rights in London's Soho. I was amazed to find quite a big crowd talking animatedly about a subject that was difficult to raise in polite conversation at the time. I was told that this was an inaugural meeting after 1,000 people had pledged £5 a month to get a new pressure group, Open Rights ( established. Its aim was to campaign for people's rights in the digital age when decision-making is dominated by governments and the huge lobbying power of the music and publishing industries. It is clear that it has already become a force to be reckoned with and has had a big influence on making the Gowers review of intellectual property rights, published this week, more consumer-friendly.

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