Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jukka on the rampage again

Jukka LiedesJukka Liedes, chairman-for-life of WIPO's Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights, is again riding a cart and horse through his committee members' views on the proposed Broadcasting Treaty (via A2K). Riaz Taybo writes:

At this week's Special Session, the Chairman has sought to drive the discussions in the direction favoured by him by presenting three new non-papers reflecting his views, rather than the basic text which reflects the viewpoints of various groups of countries. The Chairman's presentation of the non-papers led to confusion as to which document is to be the basis for discussions at the 3-day Special Session.

Several key delegations raised their dissatisfaction with the method of work of the Chairman, in particular, the 3 non-papers presented for discussion and stressed that the focus should be on the WIPO General Assembly (GA) decision which guides what the special session should discuss and the document that is to be the basis of discussion.

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Anonymous said...

The Jukka proposal is the last attempt to delay killing of the Broadcast Treaty which is a very good idea by the way. The spirit of WIPO is very negative. We need more efficient UN bodies. Jukka on the rampage? True. Imagine smart persons at WIPO and an institutional framework for snail diplomacy. It makes you mad. Jukka breaks the institutional code of conduct which is something good.

I just imagine him to shoot'n kill his fellow national delegates when they abandon the damn treaty project. That would be great big news. Frustrated UN diplomate amok...