Saturday, January 20, 2007

Mac OS X appallingly unstable

Safari crash
Mac OS X is boosted all over the Internet as super-secure and stable compared to Windows. In my experience since getting a MacBook in October, Windows crashes far less often. My Mac won't even come out of standby 25% of the time, necessitating a hard reset. And its applications crash far more often — here you can see what happened when I tried to browse a link from Boing Boing using Safari. I might eventually be tempted to install Windows instead.


Max Randor said...

I would recommend that Ubuntu might be a better choice than Windows.

Jason Kitcat said...

Sounds like you've got something very bad going on there. That sort of behaviour is extremely unusual - I run the Sussex Mac Users' Group and never hear of such instability. When I'm not running any beta software crashes are unbelievably rare and I only restart my machines when an operating system requires it.

Without more detail hard to say if it's a hardware or software issue but I would certainly get it looked at by AppleCare or a genius at an Apple Store.

Anonymous said...

I agree. OS/X 10.2 was fine, but I had to move to 10.4 when the spine of my PowerBook broke and a MacBook was what they were selling now. With more than 4 or 5 apps open the latest version can take forever to switch contexts. I am rebooting every few days instead of once a month, and have abandoned Safari for firefox. Maybe Apple just lost interest in PCs now they make their money from iPods.

Hal Varian once wrote a paper in which he suggested that the fix for this was a law requiring OS vendors to keep their old versions available for a fixed low price, say $10. If everyone could buy OS/X 10.2 for $10 they would not even pay $5 for 10.4, let alone $90


Anonymous said...

Forgive my bluntness but it is rather appallingly irresponsible to assert that "Mac OS X is appallingly unstable" based on your experience alone. It is not. You have a defective unit with a bad hard drive or RAM. Get that fixed and your experience should fall into line with the VAST majority of Mac users.

Ian Brown said...

Thanks for your assertion that I am appallingly irresponsible. Could you please point me to some data to back up your claims?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ian. Macs are unstable compared to XP machines. I have two macs (a MacBook Pro and a MacPro) and two XP machines (a netbook and a Vaio desktop). Macs need to be rebooted 5-10x more often than PCs.

I think that the incredible stability of the Mac is a myth. It is a marketing campaign gone successful. When repeated sufficient number of times a twisted truth penetrates the brains of the masses. Maybe, Macs used to be stable before I began using them. Certainly, this is not the case today. Windows is a much more stable system.

I really like the Mac and I hope Apple fixes the stability issues. If Snow Leopard does not do the job, I will have no other choice but (unfortunately) consider moving back to PC. This would not be that bad because I have seen the new Windows 7 and it looks excellent and it feels excellent. I like it very much (unlike Vista). Maybe MS has done the job right this time.

Maybe the greatest contribution of OS X to the world of operating systems is providing competition for MS, which forces MS to improve. Thanks to OS X, we get great Windows!

Apple, please do not go bankrupt. We need you to keep Windows in good shape.

Anonymous said...

OS X Snow Lep:
the entire OS freezes when one application is waiting on a TCP timeout, when installing applications the OS crashes. The system fails to properly shutdown a few times a week forever showing the working cursor.. some programs, such as a VPN program, can prevent log-in after if the system is put to sleep while still logged in... Isn't this OS Unix based? why do applications take down the entire OS... this is about the stability of windows 98/ME... surprising! the apple fan boys and marking do a great job fooling everyone. The laptop hardware is nice and slim, and the multi-touch touchpad is very responsive though... but not as stable as Windows XP to 7.