Thursday, January 11, 2007

UK will leave question of term extension to EU

Minister for Science and Innovation Malcolm Wicks MP has confirmed that the UK government will be leaving the question of copyright term extension in sound recordings to the European Commission (via Open Rights Group):

The Gowers Review looked at the term of protection for sound recordings and performers’ rights in sound recordings very closely and commissioned an economic study to assist them in examining this question. The issue of the term of protection for such works is a matter of EU competency. That is why the recommendation of the Gowers Review is made to the European Commission.

The Commission will be looking at the issue of copyright term for sound recordings as part of its work programme in 2007. It will be up to the Commission to evaluate both the Gowers analysis and any further work in this area when it considers this question.

Let's hope the Commission is reading its own research.

Pete WishartIncidentally, MP and has-been member of Scottish band Runrig Pete Wishart thinks that Andrew Gowers was brainwashed by some evil digital rights groups:
All the open right groups and digital right groups that have emerged in the past few years have been able cleverly to suggest that this has all been about the big bad music industry and its multimillion pound musician chums. I think that Gowers bought into the perception that that was what term extension is all about

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