Sunday, February 11, 2007

After Climbié, children are at even more risk

"It is almost impossible to comprehend the brutality described in a London courtroom last week, when Kimberly Harte and Samuel Duncan were jailed for the torture of their young handicapped daughter. Born prematurely and suffering from cerebral palsy, this little girl was repeatedly beaten, kicked, scalded and shut in a dark toilet to sleep…

"Will any lessons be learnt from this case? Thanks to the government’s reforms, it seems even less likely that social workers will concentrate on regular home visits and applying the kind of robust common sense that might have spared this little girl. Instead of focusing on children in danger, local authorities will have to account for the activities of every child in their area and construct and maintain a universal child database. At best, it will be a massive distraction; at worst, more vulnerable children will be exposed to horrible abuse." —Jill Kirkby

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Anonymous said...

LA's are only interested in the money they make from taking children away from parents and having them adopted, thus providing money in return for the area if the quota is met.
2007 and we fill quotas for children because as one SS said children a commodity.
So any child is at risk of being stolen. Generally the SS get it wrong and steal the wrong ones. No, it is not a mistake because violence is a great money spinner for all the agencies. Think a moment and you too will discover TRUTH