Sunday, February 11, 2007

The mother of all road rage

Road charging computer"There is no mistaking the sense of accumulating anger about the government proposal that every car contains a device that records road use and tracks every moment of a journey.

"It's the apotheosis of a New Labour policy, a highly evolved and inescapable double whammy that combines taxation and snooping in one simple device, a device which, by the way, the already burdened taxpayer will be expected to buy at a cost of £200. New Labour's backroom boys have come up with the equivalent of the self-cleaning oven or set-top box. All that remains is for Rupert Murdoch to be given the exclusive contract for supplying the inboard tracker.

"You could see the tracker as the automotive version of the ID card but, actually, it will be much more of a threat to you and your pocket. Because it will know where you are and how fast you are going at every moment, your monthly road charge may well come with a fine notice, adding points to your licence. Transport Minister Douglas Alexander has denied this, but people clearly do not believe him because they are becoming aware of the laws of function creep, how road pricing provides excellent opportunities for mass surveillance and control." —Henry Porter

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