Monday, February 26, 2007

The new Iran-Contra

It seems that the Bush administration is busy cooking up a new Iran-Contra scandal in the Middle East. A former National Security Council official told Seymour Hersh:

The C.I.A. is asking, ‘What’s going on?’ They’re concerned, because they think it’s amateur hour.”

Veterans of that scandal now running Iran-Contra II within the administration have learned lessons (beyond the remarkable fact that they are back in power rather than jail):

“One, you can’t trust our friends. Two, the C.I.A. has got to be totally out of it. Three, you can’t trust the uniformed military, and four, it’s got to be run out of the Vice-President’s office.”

And we wonder why MI5 believes the terrorist threat to the UK to be at its highest level since 9/11?

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