Monday, February 19, 2007

The road pricing bill: £600 per driver

Department for Transport documents show that a road pricing system that tracked cars would cost £62bn to set up and £8.6bn per year to run (£600 per driver). That almost makes the government's ID card plans look like value for money.

Jackie Ashley comments:

The road-pricing revolt is not the rage of the terminally selfish. It reflects a general view that lower and middle-income people feel overtaxed and overcharged. Driving has got relatively cheaper, but the cost of living is rising again and this rebellion is a symptom of a more general irritation. It reflects other things too, including a justified suspicion of the snooper state and an equally well-founded scepticism about the government's ability to run national computer systems of any kind.

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Watching Them, Watching Us said...

Spy Blog linked to the Department for Transport's July 2004 (in)Feasibility Study, on which these Daily Telegraph figures are based, when commenting on the dubious figures in the Eddington report, back in December 2006.


The Eddington Transport Study - no mention of privacy and security and freedom of movement issues