Thursday, March 01, 2007

DRM is doomed

You've been ZUNED"The fight against file sharing is not being won and DRM is not doing anything close to a sufficient job of preventing online piracy. CD ripping is actually a much bigger deal and the labels are moving away from CD copy protection after painful experiences such as the root-kit debacle. Added to that, there is widespread consensus among the music industry to look at alternatives to DRM." —Mark Mulligan, Jupiter Research (via Open Rights Group)

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Alexandra said...

Interesting quote, Ian. Thanks for posting it.

I personally don't mind DRM too much -- at least, not the fairly lax version found in iTunes. But, I've read some interesting blogs that question DRM. One especially good one came form a composer, who thought it might restrict his creativity (by inhibiting sampling, etc.)

It's hard to imagine that it will be around much longer - with the head of Apple, consumers, and even musicians opposed to it.