Friday, March 23, 2007

Gowers: music industry shares responsibility for piracy

Another interesting comment from Andrew Gowers yesterday was that the music industry's atrociously slow move online was partially responsible for massive online copyright infringement by music fans. Not a new thought, but rarely heard from such an establishment figure. Film4 head of business affairs Paul Grindley agreed, and wondered whether the Internet had robbed the music industry of much of its raison d'etre as a promotion and distribution channel.

I did disagree though with Gower's veiled threat to ISPs that a copyright levy should be imposed on Internet users if ISPs cannot come to some licensing agreement with right holders by the end of this year. Why is it that the music industry is so keen for "the market" to solve problems like DRM usability and interoperability, but clamours for government intervention over anti-circumvention laws and "value recognition rights"?

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