Sunday, March 18, 2007

Supermarkets to get medical records

Yet another ill thought out "eye-catching initiative" from our Dear Leader:

The prime minister will respond to Tory claims that he has left the NHS in “crisis” by publishing his ideas for “progressive” reform of public services. He will allow GPs to link up with pharmacies and supermarket drug counters by sharing electronic patient records.

I am so looking forward to Tesco linking their massive customer loyalty database with customers' medical records. Just think of the marketing opportunities! Oh wait, one commenter on the article already did:

What a wonderful idea. I can get a pint of milk, some vegetables, have a quick prostatectomy and get some extra Tesco points. Congratulations Patricia, you have really cracked it this time. So good to know the NHS is safe in your hands.

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Dave said...

Another PR stunt. The last people that should have our records are people like Tesco or Boots (how long will it be before they start using the data for research or tacking customers so they know what to but in, especially boots?).

They could take the £225m (chances are that will go up, a lot)and hire more GPs (381 full time GPs working 48 Hrs per week at £118,000.00 a year for 5 years) at the current practices and having practices open weekends and bank holidays.

On top of the £12.4 BILLION being spent on the new intrusive system and all the other money going to private compaines, then no wonder or health is in the shit!