Monday, April 30, 2007

Gowers: we drew line in sand on IP

Andrew Gowers"[F]or quite a number of years, probably for decades, intellectual property protection has been regarded as, in a way, a one way ratchet. Partly because the people wanting, demanding more intellectual property protection have tended to be larger, better financed, more articulate than the fragmented number of essentially as consumers who pay the price for it. I think what we have done with this report is reassert the balance and make some arguments as to why that ratchet need not go any further and you know that line in the sand is very significant because I think you know the argument that tended to be made largely by those who had their own interests at stake or did not know enough about the subject that more intellectual property rights are good and less intellectual property rights are bad. It is not as unequivocally so as that and I think one needs to take a much more nuanced view." —Andrew Gowers (via Open Rights Group)

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Mark said...

"If a certain measure A is the cause of a loss of one franc to each of a thousand persons, and of a thousand franc gain to one individual, the latter will expend a great deal of energy, whereas the former will resist weakly; and it is likely that, in the end, the person who is attempting to secure the thousand francs via A will be successful."

Vilfredo Pareto, economist (1848-1923)