Sunday, May 20, 2007

Generation Y and privacy

I've heard endlessly over the last year or two that "young people couldn't care less about privacy." Here is an interesting riposte from an unexpected source with some of the first good data I've seen on this issue:

"To try to gauge how this generation feels about privacy, I commissioned market research company YouGov to carry out a simple survey of attitudes to privacy. The responses it received from a sample group of 2,274 showed that the population as a whole remains very concerned by privacy and easily values it above such qualities as freedom of speech and open access. We also found that while 18- to 24-year-olds prize freedom of speech rather more highly than older generations, even within their own peer group 'privacy' and 'avoiding harm and offence' rate well above freedom of speech and open access.

"So, despite the carefree enthusiasm with which some of the younger generation exploit social networking technology, when confronted with some of the dangers, they are almost as concerned as older age groups. I interpret this as a group who love the powerful social networking that is now possible, but still have a clear sense of privacy."—Peter Endemol, producer of Big Brother


Anonymous said...

here is an interesting take on privacy,, it could end up getting a lot of traction, but i think young people in general are mindful of privacy issues, they just need a wakeup call here and there, i am not sure where this fits in though, smaller communities do provide safety

Alexander said...

A lot of people don't understand why privacy is so important.

Being a part of this generation, I understand it very well. The fact that when you do speak up and protest and make your opinions known, there's a thing known as riot police and the agenda to make the young people look bad. Not to mention being 35 is the minimum requirement to have an opinion in our so-called free government.

Luckily for us, the few of us or maybe even more than a few are smart to this tactic. In fact our generation and the one under us are so above and beyond our older generations that we could run this country with no school at all.

Instead of focusing on silly statics and psuedo sciences. How about focus on the real issues. The fact that people haven't smartened up to history yet.

It's not the young generation who need a wakeup call either. It's the older generations piling their self-righteous attitudes and literal/meta physical garbage on their children and soon our children.

I pose the question: Do you call this running a country? Through polls and American Idol? I call it absurdity.

Have a nice day.