Thursday, May 24, 2007

Invasion of the wheelie bin spies

Wheelie binIs an Englishman (and woman)'s home still their castle? It seems that Britons' biggest privacy concerns relate to government surveillance of their household activities, including relatively mundane matters such as rubbish disposal.

The Daily Telegraph lead story today reveals that 3 million wheelie bins have already been deployed by local councils to support the tracking of levels of household waste. Personally I am more concerned about surveillance of my location (via CCTV and mobile phones), communication patterns (via the data retention regulations), website visits (via the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act) and all interaction with government and then the private sector (via the National Identity Register). Still, all support for privacy welcome!


Anonymous said...

At least chips in wheelie bins can be removed with a screwdriver. Other forms of surveillance are harder to avoid.

Medical privacy said...

Having it weighed might not be seen as a problem or being intrusive by some, but they will be alloowed to go through your bin and look at your rubish. Not a problem so long as you find some other way to get rid of the packaing from the object you bought in an 'adult' shop.