Saturday, May 12, 2007

Straw signals rethink on ID cards

How delightful if Brown's "Bank of England" moment upon coming to power was to scrap ID cards. His campaign manager Jack Straw was one of the strongest cabinet opponents to the botched scheme at the time it was pushed through Parliament.

Former Bill Clinton administration member Richard Sennet aptly juxtaposes the careers of Straw and his successor as Home Secretary David Blunkett in today's Guardian:

Blair has proved a poor judge of character. His most disastrous misjudgment is the faith he placed in George Bush, but he has relied too much on people such as the fixer Lord Levy. His cabinet choices, like David Blunkett at the Home Office, have often put people into jobs they did not command; ministers who gave him dissenting advice (Robin Cook, for example) were sidelined or banished.

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