Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bring on the feral beasts

"Britain at present is seriously misgoverned. There is not a ministerial department that would pass muster in an average banana republic. Not a day passes without some new computer scandal, budget overrun, policy shambles or muddled war. These are not political devices. They are real lives that Blair is playing with. Men die every day because of his ill-judged, inadequately criticised wars.

"Were it not for the press, he would have us think all is well in Iraq and a roaring success in Afghanistan. Were it not for the press he would present tax credits, farm payments, child support and out-of-hours doctors as triumphs of public policy. Were it not for the press he would pretend that BAE/Saudi was a model of commercial intercourse and extraordinary rendition was a new budget airline. This is the mendacity with which the press must daily contend." —Simon Jenkins

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Nick said...

Although what Blair said about the press was largely true, what is bizarre is that he didn't seem to realise that it has been true for at least 100 years.

If the press has grown fiercer in the last ten years, that has been almost wholly caused by New Labour's devotion to manipulating the press.