Friday, June 22, 2007

The Broadcasting Treaty is dead!

Jamie Love reported earlier this evening that WIPO is finally set to kill the Broadcasting Treaty. Now IPWatch has confirmed the last rites will be read tomorrow morning at the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights.

After a decade of negotiations, civil society and developing world WIPO members have finally managed to squash this assault on access to knowledge. Break open the Genevoise sparkling wine!

This is an astonishing confirmation that the IP maximalists reached their high watermark with WIPO's 1996 "Internet" treaties. Andrew Adams and I just sent off a paper this afternoon on the ten lost years these treaties caused for creativity. At long last, "intellectual property" is being treated as a means to an end rather than a golden bull to be worshipped in its own right.

Congratulations to Jamie, Manon, Thiru, EDRI, EFF, IP Justice, EIFL and all of their Civil Society Coalition colleagues for this U-turn at the marbled high temple of intellectual property, WIPO's palatial headquarters in Geneva.

UPDATE: Has crazed SCCR chairman Jukka Liedes managed to bring this zombie treaty back from the dead? More from Jamie Love on a "surreal" turn of events:

Jukka Liedes and Michael Keplinger are both pushing for a dipcom in 2008, despite the failure this week to find agreement on much of anything. We come back at 2pm, after having only about 10 minutes or so in open meeting, the 1st open meeting since Tuesday.

UPDATE 2: Jukka has failed with his BRAINNZZZZ. The SCCR has just concluded that they cannot agree on the objectives and scope of a broadcasting treaty, and that the WIPO General Assembly should not approve a Diplomatic Conference until that step has been taken. The treaty now enters a kind of purgatory, doomed to haunt the agenda of the SCCR for the rest of eternity.

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